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Square Foot Garden Method

Square Foot Gardening and the wide row method is perfect for our Harvest Grow Box .

Using the Square Foot Gardening method is the practice of planning small but intensively planted gardens. The phrase "square foot gardening" was popularized by Mel Bartholomew. Our raised garden beds would be the perfect fit for this method. Our single raised garden bed that measures 2' x 2' x 12" contains four 12" squares. With the raised beds being 12" deep any crop could be planted.

If you like structure in your plantings you could make a grid by using outdoor twine that can be tied to our wire beds or you can make your own grid by using wood or other products to form a grid for your raised bed.

Below is a list of seeds/seedlings that will work perfectly in our Harvest Grow Box using the square foot gardening method.

Approx.seeds/seedlings per 12" square

Beans Bush       9

Beans Pole        9

Beets              16

Broccoli             1

Cabbage            1

Carrots            16

Cauliflower         1

Corn                  1

Cucumbers         4

Eggplant            1

Garlic                9

Lettuce Head      4

Lettuce Leaf       fill square

Onion            16

Parsley            4

Peas               9

Potato            4

Radish           16

Spinach        fill square

Swiss Chard     4

Tomato           1

Flowers       fill square

Wide Row Method:

The wide row method would work again using our raised garden beds by planting seedlings as you would using the Square Foot Gardening method. If filling square for leaf greens or flowers you can sow the entire bed completely and then harvest as needed.

A table of bounty!