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Why Raised Beds?

Raised beds are versatile, easy to use, and have many advantages over traditional gardening. For example, a raised bed allows you to easily control your soil mixtures so that you always have the proper soil for your plants. As you customize the soil mixtures in your raised beds, you can greatly improve soil drainage for your plants. Many gardeners build raised beds just for this reason. Raising your garden bed even eight inches above the existing ground level can greatly improve drainage.

While one of the most obvious benefits to gardening with raised beds is their adjustable height, raised beds also have numerous other benefits. For example, our raised beds are designed so that you don't have to actually step into our raised beds for maintenance, you can produce larger quantities of fruits and vegetables in the same amount of space that you'd use in a traditional plot. Plants can be spaced a little closer together in the bed because you don't need places to step. This increases productivity per square foot of bed and reduces weeding when the plants begin to mature.

Perhaps one of the most important advantage is greatly reduced soil compaction. Plant roots need air. In an ordinary garden , you can't avoid stepping in the garden bed occasionally when doing your everyday maintenance. The raised beds also tend to drain away excess moisture better than ordinary garden beds. This is another advantage that helps the plant roots to breath. Watering is also easy and more efficient, as you irrigate only where plants are growing and not the walking spaces between the rows. You can grow your plants closer together, which helps to shade the soil and reduces evaporation. In areas that have saturated soil like Florida and many areas of the South, raised beds may be the only way you can grow many types of plants.

Planting earlier in the season is a bonus because the soil in a raised bed is warmer. And don't forget-you don't have to rototill!

Happy Harvesting!