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There are many advantages to gardening with the "Harvest Box" raised garden bed. Here are just a few.

Are your raised beds easy to assemble?

Yes! It's hard to imagine anything easier. Select a desired location to set up the Harvest Box for planting. We recommend putting down a woven weed block material before opening up the bed to control weeding. Open the bed up, insert the liner making sure that the seam is in the right corner, velcro the sides over the top. There will be extra 2" of fabric inside so make sure that the extra length of the liner is pulled towards the inside the bed and corners. Our raised beds are 12" deep to give you plenty of depth for crop planting if necessary. Our bottomless liner is designed specially for the Boomer Bedâ to keep moisture properly controlled, whether planting in the garden, the lawn or the patio. The weed mat is beneficial underneath the bed allowing air and drainage but no weeds up through or on the sides of the bed. Now its time to add soil and start planting.

Our Harvest Box green liners are innovative and unique-Why?

Our unique green liners were designed after many tests with other fabric products. The fabric we have chosen is durable, long lasting, easy to install and assists with less watering but the drainage is unique because the liner is bottomless. This is giving the plants in the raised beds plenty of time to absorb the water and fertilizers but releases efficiently in cases of over watering or abundant rainfall. Our durable tear resistant liner has breathability making it rot and mildrew resistant. UV resistant. Nice easy on and off with velcro attachments. Check out our video on the Home page for installation.

Do you have soil that is heavy clay, sandy or stoney?

Then the Harvest Box is right for you. Place the beds right on the ground that you have . We recommend placing a weed block material under the bed so this will eliminate any weeding around the bed. A minimum of 6-12" of weed block extending on each side of the bed is preferable. Fill them with a rich mixture of top soil and compost and solve the problem of poor soil without constant digging and rototilling. You can also purchase bag soil at your local garden center that is already prepared.

Do you have limited space in which to garden? How about tabletop or rooftop?

Several of our Harvest Boxes may be arranged to form a simple garden design but even one bed in a small yard, rooftop or terrace will provide an abundance of vegetable, herbs or flowers in a small space. Our raised beds can be used for tabletop gardening so there is no need to bend, plus it keeps small animals away by installing it at tabletop height. The raised beds are lightweight and easy to bring to the rooftops. Installing on a roof where there is no special roof membrane needed because you can elevate off the roof with tables or blocks. Tip: 6 hours of daily sunlight is preferred for most vegetables and flowers.

How much soil does a single Harvest Box require?

Each 2 x 2 x 12" single Harvest Box holds approx. 4 cu.ft.  Add a light mixture of compost, peat moss and soil and other beneficial products like perlite, vermiculite. We recommend mixing it all together in small batches in a wheelbarrow. The goal is to achieve a nice light soil mix so that the plant roots can thrive. (We do not recommend using heavy garden soil). Consulting with your local garden center for soil mixes will be very helpful. Do not compact the soil when filling up the bed, the less compaction the better results. Sides should not bow out more than 1/2" when filled with soil. Fill to your desire according to the plants you choose to grow. A minimum of 6" is recommended for lettuce and shallow rooted plants, 11" for tomatoes, green peppers and deep-rooted crops.

Grow vegetables and flowers in the same space with different Soils.

With the Harvest Box you can have a wonderful garden design with the ease of filling the beds with different soils or pH conditions that are needed for your plants. Filling each bed with the soil to tailor your individual plant needs will encourage vigorous plant growth and health.

How can I keep pests out of my raised beds?

Gardening with raised beds makes pest control a whole lot easier. For burrowing pests like voles, moles, gophers, woodchucks etc., lay down a weed block cloth before setting up your raised bed.

How tall should the raised beds be?

There are two main benefits to taller beds-greater root space and improved accessibility. Taller beds provide more root space, which generally translates into healthier plants and a more productive vegetable garden. For deep rooted plants like tomatoes,beans,squash and potatoes, a bed depth of at least 10" is recommended. Plants like salad greens, herbs, onions have shallow root systems, in which case a bed height of 5"-7" is sufficient.

The other benefit of taller beds is improved accessibility for people who have difficulty kneeling or bending. If you need the bed even taller for  wheelchair accessibility, placing a raised bed on a suitable platform or table for a desired height is recommended. This way everyone can enjoy gardening!

Are the Harvest Boxes difficult to take apart once planted?

No! Just remove some of the soil, then unvelcro the sides and lift the liner out and remove the bed to fold. It's that easy. Of course you can also leave the soil in year round and add more soil enhancements next planting season. The choice is yours.


Boomer Bed ready for next year!